We provide different sizes foldable bathtub for all your needs

Taizhou Huangyan MuYi plastic products Co.,Ltd. is one of the leading foldable bathtub manufacturer, the portable bathtub is specially designed for new born baby bath,travel baby bath, toddler bath,child bath,kids bath,and bathtub for adults, the fold away design makes storage easy and enjoy a warm and steamed bathing experience very simply.

Vertical Integration

Product development

Get the right look and feel to market faster with our in-house expertise on product design. using more than 60 million each year to develop new products.

supply foldable bathtub PRT design
supply foldable bathtub 3D design

Design and engineering

Careful design and engineering is at the heart of consistent high quality parts.

Mold Making

We specialize in high-tolerance molds, from single cavity prototypes to large, multi-cavity production molds .

supply foldable bathtub molds
supply foldable bathtub workshop

Injection molding and manufacturing

Not only is HYMYBB is a full-service baby fold bathtub manufacturer, our 3,000 square meters molding facility offers press capabilities ranging from 160 tons to 1600 tons.

Foldable bathtub manufacturer

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Our clients say

It's folds down to store very easy,baby likes playing in the bath & this helps us allow him a little deeper water, use less water overall, & keep his little tub free of our bath products.
This is the cutest bath and perfect for easy storage! This will be the best for a baby shower gift! So much better than every tub out there that’s super bulky and it’s always in your way in your bathroom.
This tub is such a space saver. It is a full toddler bath tub that folds up very neatly.
It’s perfect! It’s quite large and truly could fit a small adult. It folds up pretty small and the plug is easy to close and remove. It works perfectly for what we need.