What is a folding bathtub? Is it great?

Folding bathtub is a smart home product that many women are buying. So what’s so special about this bathtub? What are its benefits? Is it worth buying? Find out for yourself in this article on plastic folding bathtubs!

What is a folding bathtub? Is it great?

We are all very familiar with traditional bathtubs made of tile, wood, enamel, and composite materials, but folding plastic bathtub remains unknown to many people.

A foldable bathtub is thought of as a plastic bathtub with the same shape as the traditional one. It is large enough for an adult to lie down and sit comfortably in. The difference of this bathtub is that its design features a clever structure that can be folded down to 1/3 of its original size, thus saving a lot of space. Folding bathtub is one of the most popular and sought-after folding bathtubs today.

 Advantages of the folding bathtub

With dimensions of 150cm x 60cm x 58cm, the bathtub is very spacious and comfortable, suitable for both adults and children. The biggest advantage of this portable bathtub is that it can be assembled and folded quickly and easily to save space in the bathroom. The folded size is only 150cm x 60cm x 20cm, so when not in use, you can place it in the corner of your bathroom, in storage, or in the hallway ……. So it won’t take up much space of your bathroom, but you can still enjoy moments of relaxation just like you do with a fixed bathtub. It is foldable, so you can take this bath with you on family trips and picnics.

The body of folding bathtub is made of durable PP and TPE materials, which are load-bearing, scratch-resistant, easy to clean and safe for the human body. With this quality material, you can mix warm water for a relaxing bath, or take an herbal bath to beautify and detoxify your body like you do in a traditional porcelain enamel bathtub. It is also suitable for children with sensitive skin to most synthetic resin materials.

The walls of the adult folding bathtub are 58 cm high, preventing water from splashing outside and causing slippery when moving around the tub. The bathtub has convenient handles on both sides to ensure your safety when getting up and out. The base design is solid and has a high load-bearing capacity, so you can lie down in it and relax without worrying about breaking or falling ……

The bathtub cover has a groove for placing mugs, iPads, books and other items, allowing you to watch movies and read books while soaking and relaxing …… This bathtub cover is also removable when not needed, so you can have more room to lie down while taking a bath. Adult portable bathtub is designed with a side pipe, so it’s easy to drain and clean after use.  

Disadvantages of folding plastic bathtub

The folding bathtub has a unique design that gives you the flexibility when using it for different purposes and save space in your bathroom, but it also has some disadvantages, such as

– The bathtub can only accommodate a maximum of one adult and one child.

– The design is not as luxurious and eye-catching as a traditional bathtub.

But these disadvantages do not make this product less attractive.

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