Bathtub for Baby

Bathtub size:58x46x35.5cm

Applicable objects: infants, babies, children, toddlers.

Colour: Blue/Pink


Bathtub for Baby

Toddler bath/removable bathtub/toddler tub/portable bathtub for toddlers

  • Bathtub for baby material: made of non-toxic and tasteless PP material, safe for human skin
  • Easy to use: the portable bathtub was created to make it easy to enjoy a warm and steamed bathing experience, which suitable for baby, infant and children, and provide users a fast & easy experience without the extra hassle.
  • Multi-functional children bathtub:0-1 years can be used as a baby’s pool. When you’re 1-10 years, you can sit and bathe. As the child grows, the tub can be used as a container or tub for laundry.
  • Easy to clean: There’s a small hole on the bottom of the portable tub which makes it easy to drain all of the water out after use. Plus,a pipe can be attached to this hole to control the direction the water is drained out in.
  • Applicable objects: infants, babies, children, toddlers.