High folding bathtub manufacturer

Bathtub size:110x62x72cm

Folding size:110x62x25cm

Application: Baby swimming, kids bathing,  also suitable for adults.


Bathtub manufacturer

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  • Bathtub manufacturer,  portable bathtub size is 110x62x72cm for adults, it’s especially for a small bathroom or small apartment.
  • Safe material: bathtub manufacturer for adults, made of non-toxic and tasteless PP+ TPR material, safe for human skin.
  • Easy to clean: There are a total of two holes, one soft water plug in the drain bucket on the side of the Shower tub for easy drainage,external drain connection, convenient bathroom drain directly to the sewer.
  • Temperature-sensitive water plug: Foldable bathtub with temperature-sensitive water plug, the watercolour automatically changes the colour, when the colour became light, that is to say, the water is too hot, and then cool the drainage is more convenient.
  • Stability: there is a lock catch on the foot to grab the bathtub. so the foot will not move when taking a shower. Keep your baby safe and steady.
  • Keep warm: with the bathtub cover, take a warm and steamed bath experience for a long time is so easy.
  • Application: Baby swimming, kids bathing,  also suitable for adults.
bathtub manufacturer

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