HH1.28M Best bathtubs for adults

Bathtub size:128x60x58cm

Folding size:128x60x23cm

Application: Height below 175 cm can stretch legs freely. Available for the whole family, travel, hotel, etc; can be used for salt bath, bath foam, etc.

Color: Green/Blue

Best bathtubs

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  • Best bathtubs: 128x60x58cm, large size, made of non-toxic and tasteless PP + TPR material, lightweight and durable, easy to fold, and storage.
  • Stable: The Stand Alone Bathtub Spa was created to make it easy to enjoy a warm and steamed bathing experience so easy, it’s an excellent choice for adults or children.
  • Non-slip: Non-slip and frosted support in the bottom make the bath usable on any flat surface that you will feel safe and reassuring. Simply fill up our portable adult tub with warm water and dive in to relax your entire body!
  • Keep warm: With bathtub cover, Lock temperature: The outer layer of our portable large bathtub was designed to keep the water warm for long periods of time, and it can keep drinks, magazines, or others at arm’s reach meet your different needs.
  • Drain fast: The drainage is faster, Drainpipe bottom + side drain hole, the side can be added drain pipe.
  • Humanization design: Foldable bathtub with temperature-sensitive water plug, the watercolor automatically changes the color, prevents the hot water, and cools the drainage is more convenient.
  • Application: Height below 175 cm can stretch leg freely. Available for the whole family; can be used for salt bath, bath foam, etc.