Plastic bathtub

Applicable objects: infants, babies, children, toddlers.

Color: Yellow


Plastic bathtub

  • Plastic bathtub is made of non-toxic and tasteless PP material, safe for human skin.
  • Enjoy the bath: Portable bathtub is perfect to use for baby. If you want to give your baby happy bath time, then use this tub for that. With this toddler bath tub and toys, your baby will surely enjoy their bath and love to bath.
  • Large space: You can put enough water on this deep bathtub, it has enough space where your baby can bring her toys to bath with her, your child can splash and enjoy,  it must be a funny bathing time.
  • Multi-functional children bathtub:0-1 years can be used as a baby’s swimming pool. When you’re 1-10 years, you can sit and bathe. As the child grows, the tub can be used as a container or tub for laundry.
  • Easy to clean: There’s a small hole on the bottom of the portable tub which makes it easy to drain all of the water out after use. Plus,a pipe can be attached to this hole to control the direction the water is drained out in.
  • Applicable objects: infants, babies, children, toddlers.

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